Things to Do in Georgia

This is a convention dedicated to otaku, gaming, and comics that has it's roots in conventions and interest groups established by Georgia Tech students years ago.  Now they have gained quite a following and there is no stopping the momentum!

This is a traveling convention that is dedicated to all the things that "go bump in the night!"

Furry Weekend Atlanta is a Springtime furry convention.  It has been interesting to watch this convention grow.  Say what you want about them, but they have interesting themes and they have a lot of fun.  Hate if you dare!

Since 2000, when it was known as JoeLanta, Toylanta has been an annual event bringing toy collectors and pop culture enthusiasts from across the country together in Atlanta to celebrate the joys of toys and friendship.

The Atlanta Comic Convention is a convention for enthusiasts for comics, collectibles, television, movies, and elements of pop culture.  For a mere $5, people get to enjoy vendors, dealers, and artists, not to mention special guests that sign for free!  The Atlantic comic convention meets for one day, but happens four times a year, and has been going strong for over 20 years.

Anime Weekend Atlanta is one of the oldest, well-known, best loved conventions in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia.

This convention needs no introduction.  What started out as the granddaddy of Georgia conventions is now an international phenomenon.  What once was a glorified Star Trek, Star Wars and fantasy convention is now the all-encompassing and all-embracing fandom hub of this corner of the globe!  Go ahead and click.  You know you wanna.

Cartersville Comic Con is the one day comic extravaganza run by Dustin Ruff and Shane Hester, the owners of Ruff Edges.