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"cerreal:geek" is a magazine that prides itself at being an epic retrospective magazine of 80's cartoon, comic, toy, and geek culture.  Made by James Eatock, "cereal:geek" is the latest buzz in 80's fanboydom!  It's like you died and went to Hasbro/Mattel/Kenner/LJN Heaven!

Diamond Lace creates apps for your business at affordable prices!

This is the official site of Mel Birnkrant and Gary Schaeffer's action figures "The Outer Space Men!" The Outer Space Men have all of the craft, nostalgia, and collectible appeal of the alien figures of yore, but with the availability of today!

This is the website for Reveal Studios, formerly known as Barrow Creative.  It was made by my acquaintance, Chris Barrow, and provides many services including, but not limited to graphical banners, flyer graphics, animation and video, and web designs.  All of his works are high quality and high definition.  'Very nice!

It was only a matter of time, but someone has made a web page about...Zombie Babes, and his name is Vlad!  I dig the idea of the page, and it was long overdue.  Not only is it nice to look at, but he sells T-Shirts and other gear, so even the living can be Vlad's The Enforcer's Undead Angels!

Comic Art Depot is a truly unique online store.  Besides being a place to buy comics, it is also a place to buy comic book art!  Yes, if you ever watched "Unbreakable" and wished there was a "Limited Edition" fine comic art boutique, then rejoice!  This is it!  They also give talented artists a medium to expose the public to their art through sales.  It is truly a unique shoppe worthy of your visit!

They might be considered competition, but competition is good for the soul!  These guys not only sell some pretty neat action figures, but they use their imaginations and skills to customize action figures that don't even exist!  YES!  They are the Dr. Frankensteins and gene splicers of the toy and action figure community!  Check them out!

In the great tradition of camp, "Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space" combines tried and proven themes in pop culture and melds them into what could possibly give you the sickest boner of your life! (Remember, I thought of that line! It's mine! See me to negotiate terms for usage!) The premise deals with an alien queen that lands on Earth and starts spreading zombification with an interesting twist!  I'm not going to go into it beyond the name of this site, which goes along with the series of comics that they have a Kickstarter for, but check it out, and you'll start to get the idea.

Geek Fantasy, formerly known as Geek Fantasy Magazine, is a digital magazine that covers anime and other geek lifestyle.  Geek Fantasy features interviews, reviews, and beautiful women in cosplay.

This is a website that sells high quality collectible Transformers and. visually related transforming action figures.  The Chosen Prime also deals in action figures from many other fandoms such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, TMNT, as well as Marvel and Star Wars.  Some of the collectibles he sells include Tomy, Takara, Toyami, and actual Hasboro, many of which are Masterpiece and equally well made in quality.  The owner started collecting with his son, before he started selling them.  He also makes stop-motion video shorts made from the figures he collects and sells.

This is the official homepage for Frameless.  Frameless is the creation of Willi Hopp, and is right now in Kickstarter development with many rewards available.  Frameless is perhaps the most unique, portable, and versatile art displaying product on the market, today.  Frameless displays art ranging from sketches, prints, and comic books without frames on the edges.  Because of it's "frameless bracket system," Frameless can suspend the art from the wall to create 3-D effects.  "Frameless is art without borders," so it can create collages of art without the continuity being destroyed by each picture's frames.  Frameless can even display heavier more substantial collectibles like action figures and other boxed items.

This is the page for Lovesupliesbontanica.  Like many people I have worked with, she now embarks on her own path and provides premium health, beauty, and spiritual products and services.  At Lovesupliesbotanica, Ifa Abeyo sells such items as mojo bags, voodoo/voodun dolls, and bath products.  Ifa Abeyo also provides special services such as readings and divine beseechings on your behalf.  You can come into her brick and mortar location by appointment or walkin.  For an additional service fee, Ifa Abeyo will also meet you by appointment.  Ifa Abeyo has worked with and performed services for different races, faiths, and genders, and welcomes all Seekers.  Ifa Abeyo has also been known as Iyawo Journey.

Dark Beauty Magazine is a beautifully gothique magazine with pictures and articles for the lifestyle.  Dark Beauty Magazine discusses art, beauty, fashion, music, and jewelry, among other things.  Issues for Dark Beauty are available for download, as well as most also for print.

Galactic Quest is not only the name of a group of gaming and comic and stores in Georgia, but an online store and home of Galaxy Man, their helpful mascot!  Galactic Quest has analogue gaming of all kinds: board, tabletop, card, strategy.  It also has comic books and comic culture collectibles.  If you want it they have it! In fact, these pros even run gaming sections in conventions and shows, so if you need that service, look them up.  I've been to places that claim to be an amazing escape, but just end up becoming challenges, but you won't find that here.  You will always find friendly and knowledgeable staff that treat you great, whether you are spending $2.00 or $200, and they will not make fun of you for your fandom. I can speak on that personally.

'Looking for capital for your business?  Do you need help getting a loan?  Do you need a little more liquid cash for a project?  Then call Brendan Lynch and Sharpe Capital for your financial needs.  Sharpe Capital has now also partnered with Connecticut Medical Children's Center, so every month 1% of every commission from Sharpe Capital goes directly to Connecticut Medical Children's Center.  They also accept donations.

Rose Milk Tea Apparel is a clothing company dedicated to providing the public with customised clothing based on any theme or fandom they want.  There isn't a DBZ shirt that speaks to you?  Let them design the DBZ shirt of your dreams!  'Pissed because nobody makes a Dr. Who hoodie showing the progression of all 14 Doctors?  Rose Milk Tea Apparel will create it just for you!  With such a great premise, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to provide this service.

Weird World Publishing is the home of Sleaze Fiend Magazine.  If it's in film, television, or print, and it deals with salacious sex, Sleaze Fiend Magazine aims to cover it.  If there's media with the latest, greatest, or porn star from yester-years, Sleaze Fiend Magazine is willing to cover it.  Besides being the publishing house for Sleaze Fiend Magazine, Weird World Publishing also sells artifacts, memorabilia, and printed collectibles of carnal delight.  Like The Dark Brothers, The owners of Weird World Publishing are "Purveyors of Fine Filth."