Pages Worth Getting Lost in

A website with funny edits of anime snippets

This is a site that a Facebook friend of mine made in homage to cosplay and the people who dedicate themselves to it.  He wrote a book that contained photographs and information about 260 cosplayers from all around the USA.  Since then he has photographed thousands upon thousands of cosplayer for the sake of their art and his.

Touhou Wiki covers the official Touhou Project games, materials, and any fan-made games and media.  It also gives information about other related games developed by the former members of Amusement Makers, or in conjunction with Team Shanghai Alice.

This is the official YouTube channel of Bad Lip Reading.  Clips of videos are dubbed with insanely funny script that sync up to the actors' lips perfectly.

This is the official YouTube channel of Best AMVz.  They showcase Anime Music Videos of the highest caliber.

This is the official website of KadeshFlow, aka NerdCrunk.  He is a nerdcore rapper that makes otaku flows.

Some of you might remember a Quiznos commercial some years ago with some strange creatures singing about how they "love the subs! ...because they are good to us!" Well, that was based off a viral Flash video by Joel Veitch, the creator of this website.  It has lots of very funny and original videos.  I think the funniest things are his videos that feature songs and false lyrics are subtitled below.  It's like the complete opposite of Bad Lip Reading!

This is the official website of Lips Down on Dixie, a troupe of performers that provide the hallowed re-enactments celebrated and expected at ALL Rocky shows, and if you think I mean Balboa, then you're probably a virgin!

"James Eatock Presents: The He-Man and She-Ra Blog!" is a Blogger site for all things He-Man and She-Ra.  James Eatock, of "cereal:geek," provides relevant and new content concerning the universe of The Masters of the Universe.

What do you call an unofficial He-Man cartoon guide that's so good that Mattel uses it?  How about "The unofficial cartoon guide to HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE?" This is yet another brain-child of James Eatock.

This is the official website for Met Keskin, aka Haydirocket.  He makes impressive animated images and still graphics.

This is the official website of the horror icon, Linnea Quigley!  She has appeared in countless horror movies, but she holds a special place in my heart as Trash from "The Return of the Living Dead." You can visit her site to buy horror memorabilia, as well as personally signed items from Linnea Quigley, herself!

This is the official website of 3DJOES, "the only interactive, three dimensional museum of "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" nostalgia.  It's actually pretty cool to see the figures rotate in great detail!

This is the official Facebook fanpage for the YouTube Channel FusionBase27.  Both pages were created by Eric Davis, who has a deep interest in the live action side of otaku, including movies and television.

Created by Roger Barr, his site is an AWESOME combination of kitsch that the little boy in me (which is about 2/3 of the man I am) wishes was an amusement park!  The look of the site is pure genius, as it has a strange 80's/90's campy look to it, with some 8-bit graphics featured, and a polished Hi-Def shine to it!  I-Mockery has interesting articles, cool stuff to buy, as well as contests for fans to win.  Check it out!

The Movie Buff is a site dedicated to film and movies.  It is the brainchild of Mark Ziobro, and he would probably boast that pound for pound, no other site shreds more reps of movie reviews than The Movie Buff!

Bring Back Fear is a website where fans of horror can read reviews on movies and television shows, as well as purchase horror themed books, movies, and apparel.

Dark Corners of This Sick World is a site dedicated to reviewing strange and unusual movies that some would consider gruesome and tasteless, but the rest of us love!  Expect to see reviews of some of the campiest movies on the face of the Earth!

This group of friends gets together with booze, "The Walking Dead," and every other thing else their rambling minds can think about!  Be warned:  It is not for family listening, but then again, what do you expect from some folks drinking and talking about zombies and pop culture?

Okay, you might not think this site should be in Pages Worth Getting Lost In, but you might change your mind when you need it.  Is It Down Right Now? lets you search sites and confirm if it's just your computer, browser, or operating system that is causing the trouble, or if the site you are looking for is really down!  It's brilliant, and now that you know it exists, I bet you'll use it a lot more, now, won't you?

Once a convention in it's own right, Shatterdome Atlanta is now Atlanta's largest group for fans of the story and elements of "Pacific Rim." It started as a Meetup on Tumblr, and crystalised once it's members finally got to meet at Dragon Con 2013.

This is the website for an actual physical museum that celebrates the awesomeness of action figures in all their myriad forms!  Located in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, The Toy & Action Figure Museum houses thousands of action figures posed, boxed, and even in dioramas!  The website even features a 3-D virtual tour that lets you experience the museum from the comfort of your own home!

This has to be one of, if not THE most, comprehensive and all-encompassing websites for Independent Horror.  Horror Movies Uncut has a professional look with a grindhouse feel to it.  It looks at the newest endeavours in Horror as well as flashbacks to experiments in Horror that would become classic.  Fans of Indie and Horror will not be disappointed.

International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, or IGGPPC, is the brain child of Emily Farquharson and Leslie Hunsinger.  The group started, in March of 2014, from friends discussing mutual loves of international snacks, stationary, and other forms of geekery when they got the idea to make a hub for others that shared the same loves.  From such humble beginnings as two girls talking, it has become a full staff and international site.

PopJoust is so effing simple, you have to wonder why no one made it until now.  When you go to the page, you can pick banners that have two pictures on it, and you pick the one that is the best example of whatever the caption is, like "Who's sword is better:  He-Man's Sword of Power or Lion-O's Sword of Omens?" (Yeah, that was mine!) After you pick the better one, you get to find out what percentage of people that did that same PopJoust voted for each, too.  There have been things on YouTube like ScrewAttack's Death Battles, and the infamous Facemash, but this is truly wonderful in its all encompassing universal appeal; what person hasn't done the "which one's better" with a friend, or someone that became a friend because of it?  I expect big things from this site.

As a pet owner that has felt the deep pain of the loss of a pet, I understand how empty and unfocused life can be when we lose that special part of our family and soul that we so misleadingly call "a pet." One of the stories that fills me with hope and some sort of comfort is the poem, "The Rainbow Bridge." Ginny Brancato created this site, with inspiration from the poem, in honour of her beloved pet, FiFi.  Although it is an impressive memorial to FiFi, it is much more.  It is a hub of healing for people that have also felt the loss of a dear pet, and a community of strength for moving on in life.

The internet being the place it is now, you have a lot of people doing websites, reviews, and podcasts.  I mean, the internet is flooded with them.  Now, you can't help but navigate the social media jungle without coming across some self-appointed know-it-all of something.  And then there's Jack of All Nerds Podcast.  These are guys having a good time, cussing and talking about all sorts of geek stuff.  Okay, so you're still asking "how is this different from other podcasts?" They actually interview and and interact with kitsch and geek royalty, like Will Weaton and Bai Ling.  Yes!  They actually have worthwhile guests and great content!  I mean, what other podcast can boast having The Joker come in for some laughs?

Move over, Onion, there's a new satirical news source!  Fermented News takes a look at politics and everyday life and pokes fun at the people, incidents, issues, and things that just don't make much sense, but we sensibly digest and regurgitate for others to consume (Hey! I wrote that, so get at me if you want to buy that as a slogan or tagline!) They are based in the UK, so some of their material is regional in nature.

Zombiepalooza Radio was created by Jackie Chin as a paranormal radio show, but gained a following and inspiration to become a unique weekly zombie show on LIvestream, Fridays 8:00 PM-1:00 AM EST.  Some of the co-hosts and staff are actually actors, and have played zombies on film.  Zombiepalooza Radio interviews other actors, writers, and producers and aims to show "that zombies are not that bad."

All the way from the UK comes Alex Burn's Cape and Cowl, your source "for everything superhero." Be it movie or television, comics or graphic novels, or even video games or collectibles, Cape and Cowl does it's best to bring you the latest scoop from DC, Marvel, and all points in between.

Horrorphilia may be the largest concentrated source of reviews, interviews, contests, and podcasts of things macabre.  It is able to be so large because Horrorphilia is actually a nexus of horror podcasts from other independent sites covering horror on all sorts of media.  You can subscribe to individual podcasters, like Grey, the host of "The Dark Hours," or you can even subscribe to all of them on iTunes, Android, and RSS.  And if you're new to Horrorphilia, and you want to listen to some of their older podcasts, Horrorphilia archives it's extensive library of podcasts and reviews.  Horrorphilia also has links to all of the individual hosts' websites so that you may explore all of the other things they have to offer.

JATSTV is an Australia based company that creates dynamic content by capturing cosplayers on film.  JATSTV creates short films, skits, and cosplay music videos, as well as capturing experiences and interactions of cosplayers at cons.

Vocal is a publishing platform and long form social network that allows creators to share their work with an engaged audience and get paid.  Users have the ability to submit stories to any one of their genre-specific communities.

Alien Star is a place about extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial crafts, and UFOs, but it's also a great page on articles of this world.  Alien Star also publishes paranormal articles to fill your supernatural appetite.

Cosplay & Coffee is a website a lot like ours.  It was started by Tiffani, a writer that got bitten by the cosplay bug and never looked back!  Cosplay & Coffee centers around cosplay and celebrity news.  Cosplay & Cosplay has interviews, cosplay tutorials, as well as a means to collaborate with them, should you ever want to propose a joint project.  Cosplay & Coffee also has their own YouTube channel.

The Black Science Fiction Society is a hub for Black writers, publishers, artists, and other types of Black content providers to share and promote their work.  Membership is free and the site provides forums for different fandoms and interests.  Members are able to blog to create articles, and even commentary posts for quick updates.  This is not all as there is also event and podcast information, videos, chat, and many other features to enjoy and take advantage of. 

The Ultimate Action Movie Club is a club for men and women that yearn for the 80s-90s, when movies kicked ass and took names!  I can attest that there has been a neglect to not only  good action in Hollywood, but real macho men that smoked cigars, killed the bad guys, and got the girl, all while spitting great (and not so great) catchphrases.  True to the time period that the members hold dear, they also give homage to the entertainment medium of that time:  The Almighty VHS Cassette!  Check them out and see if you're man or woman enough to join.  

Food And Cosplay, or FNC, is a group of cosplay enthusiasts that share content from talented cosplayers all over the world.  Also, since many of the members of Food And Cosplay are also photographers as well, some of the content is shot by Food And Cosplay.  Food And Cosplay also shares photogenic food items on their Instagram and Tumblr pages.

I found Dixie Cryptid by accident.  I was in a big creepypasta phase, but the stories had begun to burn me out.  They just didn't seem scary anymore.  I don't know if it was because I had finally gotten to the lame ones, my threshold for high strangeness or creep factor had increased from constant exposure, or the fact that I was listening to fiction and it no longer satisfied me.  In any case, YouTube started suggesting cryptid videos; mostly bigfoot and dogman stuff.  Dixie Cryptid was one of those channels.  Dixie Cryptid is hosted by a very down to Earth guy named Cameron Buckner.  The vast majority of his stories are sent in by listeners/viewers.