Industry Spotlight

This is the official site for Peter Mohrbacher.  He has done work for Wizards of the Coast and sells original art as well.

This is the official portfolio of oil painter, Tony Baselici.  I think his art is a fusion of Earthly realism and boldness that usually only comes from ideals and icons from our sleeping minds.  It allows his art to not only speak on a level of aesthetic detail, but of the impressions certain images invoke on our psyches as well.   Yes, we like his art very much.

This is the official YouTube channel of a very talented artist that loves fighting games...and crotch shots.

This is the official page for Amber Chaos, a very buxom Rowdy Girl breaking into the modeling scene.  Let Chaos reign!

This is the Facebook page for Taversia.  Taversia is a true Renaissance woman, with many talents she professionally pursues, but not in a conservative or classically refined manner.  Taversia professionally models, but also models in her own comedic memes.  Taversia is an artist and performer.  Taversia is an author published author and makes physical works of art, as well.  Taversia is a stage performer, vocalist, and dancer.  In appearance, Taversia reminds me of the old beautiful paintings I used to see in books on Arthurian legends, which fits because a lot of her cosplay tends to be medieval or medieval-inspired.  Oh, and she also cosplays.

This is the official Suicide Girls page for Heathen.  Heathen is a PC, console, AND tabletop gamer!  Heathen is also an accomplished cosplayer.  Even with all this going on, Heathen still finds the time to travel and model...AND Heathen is polite.  Yes, Heathen is a Suicide Girl, and a real sweetheart to boot!

35ryo.lofter.com is the official page of 35RYO, a very talented photographer from The People's Republic of China.  35RYO really stood out to me because 35RYO's photography can make fluid still-pics look like finely made PVC/resin figures.  35RYO likes to take pictures of cosplayers and for portraits.

TJ Sanson is an actor and director in the metro-Atlanta area.  After a carreer in web and graphic design, TJ Sanson decided to pursue her calling in acting.  TJ Sanson is an actor on both stage and film, with many credited performances.  TJ Sanson models in various specialties and styles, which include fashion, alternative, and fetish.  TJ Sanson wrote, directed, and produced a short film, "Annaliese:  A Love Story," which was completed in 2012.  TJ Sanson also a professional designer, and enjoys exploring her passion for art and photography.

This is the official webpage of Cari Favole.  Cari Favole is a voice actor and trained thespian.  Cari Favole's voice can be everything from sassy and energetic like a child, sultry and alluring like a minx, or even oddly unique like a fantastic creature.  Cari Favole's voice has been featured in video games and commercials, as well as narratives, IVR recordings, and E-training presentations.  Cari Favole has also performed on stage in comedy and improv groups, and publically as a cosplayer.  Cari Favole is a proud member of the Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta and Heroes Alliance of Georgia.

This is the Instagram of Michael D. Angelo.  Michael D. Angelo is an illustrator and artist that tends to get his inspiration from anime, video game, movie, and television characters, as well as icons in history and pop culture.  Michael D. Angelo shows a great proficiency for mimicking the artistic styles of the characters that he illustrates or paints from other artistic media, and from what I see he is still defining himself in his own style.  However, I think my favourite works of his are his water colours.  Michael D. Angelo also works with oils and acrylics.

This is the official page of Endre Szabo, whom some probably call Scanner Darkly because of his several social media sites that go by the name "Scanner Darkly Photo Blog." Endre Szabo is the main reason that I felt a photographer deserved an entry as an artist solely on just that talent alone.  I've seen a LOT of "photographers" taking pictures of cosplayers and models that try to look dynamic and overuse editing effects, or don't understand lighting, or when to use colour or black & white.  Endre Szabo is not one of those people.  He has a keen sense for all of those things and his pictures show it. 'Too bad for most of us reading this that he lives in Hungary.

When I first encountered Brittany Cox, I was interested in her as the cosplayer, Britthebadger.  As a cosplayer, Brittany Cox was a very talented artist, but has retired that art.  An outing with a friend reignited a passion with making more display oriented art pieces.  Since then, Brittany Cox has been making beautiful dream boxes of colours and still images that look like frozen windows into other worlds.

Dallas Nagata White is a photographer who specialises in commercial lifestyle, geek, and cosplay photography.  Dallas Nagata White grew up on the island of Maui, Hawaii spending much of her time enjoying the extraordinary natural settings, drawing, and indulging in geeky endevours.  In fact, Dallas Nagata White was one of the first people in Maui to attend and dress up for the 2002 Star Wars:  Attack of the Clones Premiere.  Right now, Dallas Nagata White is back in school studying fashion design so that she can start her own geek clothing label.  Look out, future.  Here comes Dallas Nagata White..!

Anna Anarov is a photographer that realises that a dichotomy has arisen in today's society.  In a time where connection and sharing of information and content is literally at the touch of a fingertip, never have knowledge, experiences, and memories been trivialised by the bombardment of propaganda, sound bytes, pop-up ads, and Instagram model pics.  Anna Anarov uses her camera to frame stories with her clients as the writers.  Whether a good photographer uses her/his tools to find truth in her/his surroundings, or to tell stories, he/she realises that the common denominator is vision.  Anna Anarov not only has vision, but also the uncanny ability to capture that of her own, as well as of her clients.'