Industry Professionals

England Simpson is the self-proclaimed nobody and "blerd" with fandoms that spread from comics to zombies, and more!  Despite her modest self-description, England is an accomplished model, actress, singer, comedian, and producer.  I wonder if she cosplays...

Chris Morrow has been a CNN iReporter, almost from it's beginning, and is not only the most published iReporter, but the most viewed, as well.  Chris Morrow has won awards for her reporting, as well as her film making.  "Documenting the world one story at a time," if it is interesting to her, be it from the biggest celebrity, or the person next door, she will bring it home to you.

This is the official Facebook author page for Brian Downes.  Brian Downes is a published ficiton writer that specialises in the Sci-Fi-Fantasy genre.  His first book, "The Berlin Fraternity (a book about an order of vampire hunters for the German Empire)," is available on Amazon.com and worldwide, digitally and printed.  When not writing novels, he also writes reviews for Florida Geek Scene.

This is the official personal homepage of Robert Sosin.  Robert Sosin is a producer and writer, that graduated from Vassar College, to work for such entertainment juggernauts as MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.  Robert Sosin has also worked with Patton Oswald, Reggie Watts, Audrey Plaza, Chis Hardwick, and many, many more.  Robert Sosin is an actualising guru that does wonders with turning ideas into a trendy media-driven experiences for whatever your target audience might be.  Robert Sosin is also the founder and creative director of Millionth Monkey Productions where he specialises in creating microcontent from your ideas, and utilising emergent media to maximise them.

NEW was a directing agency run and owned by Sayaka Nakane (also known as Newsayaka).  Although NEW is now defunct, Sayaka Nakane, the former owner and maverick behind NEW, still directs and accepts clients.  NEW's website is still operational, and has an active archive of all of Sayaka Nakane's work.  Sayaka Nakane is a multifaceted director, able to direct in a very classic and elegant style as well as being very trendy and creative with blending genres of very different styles of storytelling.