Cosplayers Page 2

CharleeKa-Pow, aka PurpleMuffinz, is a cosplayer from the UK.  CharleeKa-Pow has a background in Art, Photography, Modeling, and Dressmaking, and enjoys working with latex.  CharleeKa-Pow's style of costuming reminds me a lot of Kassandra Leigh. ('Who also has a background in Photography and loves working with latex.  Coincidence?) Where Kassandra Leigh puts a great emphasis on kink factor, I think CharleeKa-Pow focuses a little more on accuracy and great geek characters, but the kink is still there.  While CharleeKa-Pow does cosplay as some sexy characters that get an obvious upgrade in sex appeal by her choice of materials, she does not exclusively cosplay as sexy characters.  This makes CharleeKa-Pow's cosplays even more interesting, as sometimes an unexpected kink factor is realised in the characters she brings to life.  

Stay Puft Cosplay has a unique twist to his cosplay that is well befitting his name.  He makes large almost plushy costumes to give his cosplays a giant sense of adorable surrealism.  Stay Puft Cosplay's technique and theme work surprisingly well with any and all of the differently themed characters that he chooses.  Stay Puft Cosplay has chosen 80's cartoon icons like Beast Man from Masters of the Universe to bring to life.  Stay Puft Cosplay has cosplayed as 90's lovable bad guy Bebop from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  Stay Puft Cosplay has also cosplayed as Nintendo's greatest princess-snatching would-be ruler, Bowser to perfection.  Whatever persona Stay Puft Cosplay adopts, the result is a big, vibrant, and well detailed cosplay...that's hella cuddly looking to boot.

This is the official fan based Facebook page for The True Aquaman.  The True Aquaman is the most prolific character cosplayer that I have ever encountered.  While The True Aquaman has an impressive catalogue of cosplays under his belt, his most famous and acclaimed cosplay is that of the DC Comics's King of Atlantis. (40+ cosplays, and 11 Aquaman variations as of this writing)  In fact, The True Aquaman was told by none other than Nick Cardy that "he was the living embodiment of his imagination." (Nick Cardy just happens to be he original artist for Aquaman’s solo comic book release.)  The True Aquaman gives well over 100 hours of charity work, and champions several causes since the passing of his son, Christian, to Leukemia.  Despite many obstacles encountered, The True Aquman has earned the respect of many professionals and colleagues.

UbersCosplays, also known as TemjinTBW, is one of a class of cosplayers that I see gaining some clout in the cosplay world.  I call them "Big Build" cosplayers.  UbersCosplay does make more conventional costumes for his cosplays, but his heart is in making huge mech and technological builds.  UbersCosplay will also employ LEDs and even outright machines for the sake of a big and impressive build. (He used a go-kart to make a drift tank cosplay that actually rolled around drifted on convention floors.)  How impressive are UbersCosplay's builds?  Would you believe it if I said that UbersCosplay's first cosplay won a "Best in Show" award and his second won "Best Intermediate Craftsman" at Anime Expo 2013?  I hope so, because he did.  In fact UbersCosplay has won many comparable awards in many different conventions and events.

Pollygon Art is an extremely talented cosplayer from England.  Pollygon Art is representative of what is quickly becoming the norm with great cosplayers; she is superlative in hair, makeup, wig styling, as well as costuming of many types.  Pollygon Art's armour crafting skills are as great as her tailoring and dress making skills.  Pollygon Art is also one of those elite cosplayers that indulges in body paints. (I was especially impressed by Pollygon Art's Aranea cosplay.) Pollygon Art is also a game designer with a degree in game design.  I have a feeling that there is a lot more about Pollygon Art that we would love to know, but there is not much information about her out there.

Mossyfox is a uniquely talented cosplayer and costumer.  I don't know how to describe Mossyfox's costuming other than to say that it is akin to tailoring from another dimension.  To compliment her extremely unique style of costuming, Mossyfox has an equally unorthodox style of hair, wig styling, makeup, and body painting.  Mossyfox's cosplays have a mythical flair to them, and she gives off the aura of some Otherkin Princess.  Mossyfox uses accessories that add to her mystique, like illuminated globes, creature/monster effects builds/prosthesis, and flair like ears and tails.  Mossyfox also stands out as a cosplayer and costumer because she uses actual animal bones and teeth in the making of her costumes and crafts.  All animal materials are ethically harvested and professionally processed, as Mossyfox has experience in taxidermy.

I fell in love with Willow Creative's work when I saw one of her "in progress videos" of her Mewtwo cosplay.  Willow Creative is not only the name of the cosplayer and costumer, but her costuming and creature effects company.  Willow Creatives is a master crafter of props and weapons with effects, as well as big build costumes.  Willow Creative's costumes range anywhere from plushy, prosthesis, creature, monster, armour, anthropomorphic, and mechonised; also with effects.  Willow Creative is one of those cosplayers that pushes the boundaries of what a cosplayer and a Hollywood FX creator is.  Willow Creative crafts and operates out of  Enschede, Netherlands, and openly accepts commission and trade work.

Yuki Crissy is an active member in the otaku community.  Yuki Crissy hails from New York, New York and is a Kuropop dancer, a cafe maid, photographer, and model.  Yuki Crissy has also been featured several publications such as Otaku USA, Cosmode (COSplay MODE Magazine), and We Rise Mag.  Yuki Crissy cosplays as a lot of pretty and fun cosplay characters, but also makes party-esque versions of cosplays, as well as rave and party gijinkas.  I would say that Yuki Chrissy is a pretty young lady that enjoys pretty cosplays, and she does not disappoint when she delivers.

Leslie no Kosupurei is an exceptional cosplayer from Costa Rica.  When I came across Leslie no Kosupurei's page on Facebook, I was amazed at how clean and well-fitted her cosplays were.  Leslie no Kosupurei's hair and wigs are always colourful, well-styled, and crisp.  Her costumes are well-tailored and fitted to perfection.  When it comes to Leslie no Kosupurei's props, weapons, and ornaments, Leslie no Kosupurei is a pro as well.  I am also a fan of Leslie no Kosupurei's choices in characters, as I am a big comic book, fighting game, and classic anime lover.  Leslie no Kosupurei has excellent taste in her choice of liberties she takes in her alternate versions of cosplays, such as her gender bent Shazam!, and her Christmas Tharja, as well.  I am very eager to see what Leslie no Kosupurei contributes to the cosplay community in the the future, as I believe that she is one of it's great unsung talents.