Business Partners

Riki Lecotey, also known as Riddle in cosplay circles is definitely one of the most talented and internationally famous cosplayers in the business.  Originally from Canada, Riddle has called Georgia of the USA her home for years, now.  Riddle had done everything there is to do in cosplay, just short of big mechs.  Riddle has consistently used her careers to give to charities, and is the creator of Cosplay for a Cause.  However, Riddle would say that her greatest charitable passion is the rescue and rehabilitation of baby squirrels.

Indochine of Indo's Place runs All Good Things TV with Steve.  Described as "Beauty and the Best," All Good Things TV has beautiful and sexy hosts giving reviews and tutorials for manners of subjects.  Yes, you may come for the ladies, but you will stay for the previews and reviews on movies, games, music, and more.  All Good Things TV also welcomes comments and conversation on the topics covered.  Yours Truly was a writer there!  With their beautiful hosts and the latest in pop culture, it is sure to be a site to offer something for everyone.

This is the official website for Assimilate Media Productions, Inc.  It is run by my friend, Elizabeth "Snow" Good.  Assimilate Media Productions specializes, but is not limited to, promotion, bookings, reviews, and event planning.  Assimilate Media Productions runs HeXxt Atlanta, a long time nightlife event .  Snow and Assimilate Media Productions also handles media relations.  Snow also goes by the name DJ Synthetic and is not only a DJ and MC, but accomplished makeup and makeup effects artist.

This is the official Tumblr of Yuda.  Yuda is an outstanding artist that is skilled in several styles of including, but not limited to anime, touhou, and fantasy themed pieces.  He is also a Magic the Gathering player that shares deck composition and art inspired by it. Yuda is the artist that was commissioned for the logo for All Cool Things.  Yuda is a published artist that does do work by commission, and is a true professional in every way.

Indochine's Top Shelf is a website that showcases up and coming models.  "What kind of models" you ask?  'The thick, voluptuous, and curvy kind!  Indos Place is run by Indochine, a friend that also runs All Good Things TV, with another friend, Steve.  Indochine was very instrumental in getting Bria Myles exposed, and they remain good friends and business partners to this day.

This is the homepage for True Total Empire Inc.  My friend Trevor King goes to events and conventions doing interviews, reporting activities, performing bits, playing small light-hearted pranks, and sharing them on film.  Outside of visiting events, True Total Empire Inc not only reviews movies and games, but produces original short films and their own variations of computer generated death battle simulations of popular icons and characters in various genres of pop cultures.

This is the official homepage for Ani-Mia.  Ani-Mia is one of the nicest people that you could hope to meet.  Ani-Mia collects for and runs several different charities, one of which is her Christmas charity she does every year.  While Ani-Mia has earned respect as a costumer, Ani-Mia is also a rare beauty and perhaps one of the most beautiful women on Earth.  All of these things give Ani-Mia an allure somewhere in the realm of an old fashioned movie star and kind nobility. 

This is the official website of Geeks World Wide, and it has come quite a ways since it's original conception of Geeks with Wives.  Everything from cosplay to gaming, to comics to sci-fi-fantasy, is written about, reviewed and podcasted!  Their podcasts feature a panel of hosts and changing guests that are bon vivants in geekdom, but I have to say that I have been increasingly impressed by their articles, and dare I say that Geeks World Wide is poised to be for  geek culture what MTV became for youth culture?

This is the official website of "Doko Ga TV," a Hawaiian based television show that is truly otaku in the oldest form, because it isn't just about anime and games, but a huge and all-encompassing love of Japanese culture!  "Doko Ga TV" highlights Japan's best locations, foods, and entertainment, and is a truly unique site in today's anime, manga, and game driven otaku sites.

The is the official homepage of J1 Studios.  They have really grown since our two companies became business partners.  Not only do they still cover comics, movies, games, animation, and more, with articles and reviews, but they have their own successful and running convention as well!  In the years that they have been on the web, they have made good on their promise to "bring back the fire and excitement that we all grew up with!"

This is the official Facebook page of Lauren Henneberg.  Lauren Henneberg is an actress and producer from Atlanta that has worked in the film & television industry since 2005.  Her acting experience includes The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Parental Guidance, Trouble with the Curve, and more.  Her production crew experience includes traditional animation for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, production assistance for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, 96 Minutes, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and producing original projects.  If that isn't enough, she is also an avid cosplayer, known for her Babydoll cosplay from "Suckerpunch," and her Katniss Everdeen from the "Hunger Games" series.  Lauren Henneberg is a VERY keen survivalist, and has the most prolific and extensive knowledge of survival tips in hunting, cooking, scavenging, building, and engineering of anyone that I know on Earth.

This is the official Facebook personal page of Trisha Kirk.  Trisha Kirk is a television and motion picture director, as well as a producer and writer.  Trisha Kirk is a producer for the award winning show, Intervention (one of my favourite shows).  Trisha Kirk is also a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and cosplay.  Trisha Kirk is also a Facebook friend and All Cool Things verified cool geek girl.  Trisha Kirk is also a very genuine and humble empathic person.

Shawn M. Soles is a person after my own heart. He is a graphic designer who seeks out other innovative and passionate individuals in all lines of work and shares them with the world! On his site you can find all manners of professionals such as artisans, business people, and other skilled creators. His interests and people that he promotes are captivating and eclectic, indeed!

Whitney Tai calls herself an "alternative/pop" artist, but I tell her that she is selling herself short.  She is a very talented singer whoms songs' music is fresh and very modern.  However, when you strip it away, you are left with very talented vocals reminiscent of songs sung in smoky R&B lounges or sophisticated soirees with cognac , cigars, and smoking jackets.  Together, they create a laid back, yet refreshing synergy enjoyable by anyone with romance or angst in their heart.  Oh yeah, she's also a rhythmic pop force of nature when she wants to be, too.  'With some of the best pipes in the business, combined with a unique style worthy of sold out venues or any runway, Whitney Tai is destined to be an eternal icon because she already is one in her own right now.

What can I say about Almost Normal Comics to truly translate how cool they are?  Almost Normal Comics is a publishing house that has the most unique comic titles I have seen in a long time.  The ideas that run through this house is like back in the 90's during the height of independent and indie title comics like "Milk & Cheese," "Love and Rockets," "Spore  Whores," "Bondage Fairies," and the vivid titles by R. Crumb.  Be sure to Like their Facebook publisher page for access to many more original titles, and updates to their lineups as they happen.

This is the official Facebook page for J Cosplay, also affectionately known as "J Booty." Like many up and coming cosplayers, J Cosplay hails from Georgia, a center of the cosplay world which boasts such cosplayers as Yaya Han, Riki LeCotey (Riddle), Monika Lee, and Luna Lanie.  In fact, J Cosplay is a linchpin part of a large Metro-Atlanta group of cosplayers, and travels all over the country in the name of her art and passion.  J Cosplay has worked with and earned the friendship and respect of such people as Mason AJ of the The Aficionados, YouTube personality, The Real T Dragon, and All Cool Things™.  J Cosplay enjoys costuming and cosplaying powerful female characters from anime, games, movies, and television. Not only is she a pro at putting detail and passion into her costuming, but J Cosplay also puts it into her modeling, which some forget is an essential part of the "costume roleplay" in cosplay.

This is a site after our very own heart.  Is Only Cosplay is a site that is dedicated to the celebration of the skill, craft, art-form, and lifestyle that is cosplay!  Is Only Cosplay features photo spreads, as well as articles, not only of cosplayers, but also of photographers, body painters, and other valued artists and contributors in the cosplay world.  Is Only Cosplay is based in Spain, but also allows fans to share their videos and news of worldwide events, to keep the world informed on their latest projects.

This is the official homepage of Hatcore, makers of fleece hats for your fandom needs!  Hatcore started out offering a vast selection of already-made hats and custom-made a hats.  They have since expanded their catalogue to include hoodies, plushies, ears, and TAILS!  Yup!  You wanna  be a Tanoochi?  Now you can!  They even have something that I never seen ANYONE sell:  BRAIN SLUGS!!!  I would love to see a line of drooling people with these on them at the next con!

Vivid Vision is a Canadian photographer, costumer, and cosplayer of which I have tremendous respect for.  I like that Vivid Vision does not over-treat her pictures like Saffels Photography, whom's pictures either end up looking over-blurred with brightening and mist effects, or faded.  Vivid Vision also doesn't over-contrast/gamma either.  Vivid Vision has a nice touch to her photography, an eye for angles, and gives coaching to her subjects that urges them to look at the camera in a way that gives a good sense of intimacy in the photos.  Vivid Vision has remade herself from the cosplayer that often cosplayed cute and spunky characters, to the much sexier themed cosplayer that she is today.  That being said, my favourite of Vivid Vision is still that of Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service." I think it captures the person Vivid Vision is, best of all:  friendly, kind, and truly good at heart.

This is the official YouTube channel for Andy Anderson, drummer, member, and contributor to many iconic groups and musical acts such as Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, and The Cure.  Andy Anderson also played and produced music for artists, record companies, charities, and television commercials.  Affiliated acts include The Cure, The Glove, Steve Hillage, Jimmy Somerville, Sham 69, Isaac Hayes, Midge Ure, Iggy Pop, Hawkwind, The Last Poets, Jason Donovan, The Rock & Roll Gypsies, Peter Gabriel, as well as Front & Centre.  Rest in Peace, My Friend.

This is the official Facebook page for Neverending Dreamz.  Neverending Dreamz is a costumer and cosplayer that was one of the first that I remember incorporating LEDs in cosplays. (Now it's quite common.) Neverending Dreamz's cosplay that first caught my eye was that of his Genji from Overwatch, in which Neverending Dreamz did in a stunning array of LEDs, with a crafted sword.  Neverending Dreamz seems to get much of his costuming inspiration from video games, as he has an obvious love for Overwatch and the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.  Neverending Dreamz gained internet acclaim in 2017 for his keyblades, and then again with his Lucio cosplay, from Overwatch. Neverending Dreamz actively accepts commissions on his keyblades that he makes to any request.  Some of Neverending Dreamz's most notable custom keyblades are his Pokemon, Sailor Moon and fraternity (yes, as in frat house) keyblades.

Michael Gibbs is a talented artist that is extremely passionate about his world and the world around us.  I don't know how to describe his work in a way that does him justice.  His projects tend to not only be of different styles, but either make a statement, take a stance, or honour someone/something.  One example is his Toxic Pod, which are highly detailed sculptures of orca made up of materials polluting the ocean that endanger their survival.  Toxic Pod is so detailed that each piece has internal anatomy crafted as well.  Micheal Gibbs is another talented individual that I had the pleasure of meeting online through Shawn M. Soles.  Not only is he a talented artist, but he is a designer and stone mason.

This is the Instagram page for Rob Crump, also known as Crump Smash.  One look and you can tell that Crump Smash was heavily influenced by a lot of striking 90's comic book art.  In a conversation, he acknowledged that art like in "Body Bags" was a big influencer to his style.  Crump Smash, like so many artists of today, is talented in illustration and graphic art.  I can't emphasise how much I respect and love this man's work and work ethic.  I truly believe in this brand!

When the creator of this business, Sean McElwee, was little, and was learning how to speak, his mother said that he spoke his own language and called it "Seanese." Sean took that and turned it into a business for those that thought that they spoke their own language when it came to self expression.  Seanese has many products that not only speak, but scream style and attitude.  All you have to do is find your dialect of Seanese and find the right shirt, mug, or whatever that speaks to you!  Oh, and if you think that his name sounds familiar, you may recognise him as "Sean," the actor with Downs Syndrome from the A&E show, Born This Way.

Talk Nerdy to Me is one of those sites to go to to get your geek on.  It has several fandom podcasts as well as articles and reviews on several geeky media.  Talk Nerdy to Me discusses games, comics, cosplays, and conventions.  I love the fact that quality pages like this with dedicated staff and contributors share the internet with All Cool Things™.

AlliZ Cosplay is a New York Cosplayer that started out making costumes and props with her father.  Aiming for what feels right rather than mere accuracy, AlliZ Cosplay still consults with her father, but only when she needs a bit of advice.  AlliZ Cosplay enjoys working on props and complex prosthetics.  With the help of some friends, AlliZ Cosplay constructed huge wings for cosplay of Mirajane Satan Soul AlliZ Cosplay is one of the hard working and disciplined #Cosfit cosplayers that finds expression in both keeping fit and cosplaying, and has found that both can enhance each other.  You might not find AlliZ Cosplay at any convention after parties, but you will find AlliZ Cosplay giving her all at conventions.  While AlliZ Cosplay is extremely tall and powerful, she is also incredibly kind and friendly, and urges any and all that see her at a convention to walk up and say hello.  If you like her work, buy her merch.

Ruff Edges is a comics and collectibles shoppe that travels all over Georgia at conventions, shows, and festivals.  Ruff Edges is owned by Dustin Ruff and Shane Hester, who also own and started the Cartersville Comic Con.  Ruff Edges is always actively looking to buy collections of all sorts, as well as help you complete yours with their extensive inventory.

Beautiful Models XYZ is a French site run by Sandy Steward, and features the images of models and entertainers from all over the world.  Beautiful Models XYZ shares content from all over the internet, not only promoting beautiful and talented women, but the sites and photographers that help promote them, as well.

GABB is a comprehensive multimedia agency and lifestyle brand specializing in signature art prints, logo and branding services.  Owned and operated by entertaining and corporate sensation, Whitney TaiGABB is graphic design company focusing in on branding, logo, and product packaging design.  They believe in design that transforms lives for the better.

Behold!  The Fair Folk trod amongst us!  Gingersnap Pixie is a cosplayer and model that counts herself amongst the Fae.  Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Gingersnap Pixie is also a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer that writes all of the material and correspondence, as well as designs all of the visuals for her branding.  In fact, Gingersnap Pixie is also the owner of Briar Fox Design.  As you can tell from her entry picture, Gingersnap Pixie is never shy with sharing her charms and talents.  In fact, Gingersnap Pixie is just as provocative as an erotic model as she is in her ideologies.  When Gingersnap Pixie is not frolicking in nature, exploring new experiences, or bewitching mortal man, she also enjoys Steampunk crafting, and Medieval and role play gaming. (Gingersnap Pixie enjoys playing as Dungeon Master!)