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LED Saber


Why pay over $100.00 for a lightsaber that you will be afraid to have fun with, when for a paltry $7, you get pretty much the same thing??!

Be forewarned.  Most LED Sabers you might see elsewhere will either cost more or only have 9 LED's in the blade for an okay brightness.  Our LED Sabers have 23 LED's inside the blades for a full, constant and bright lightsaber effect.

These are also not the cheaply made sabers that have different colours permanently put on each blade for the illusion of quality and flash.  Our blades all have clean and constant true colours that extend through the entire length of them.

Each blade is also attached to a sturdy handle with a metallic luster and powers on and off with the touch of a button.

What are you waiting for?

Batteries INCLUDED!

P&H in the USA: $6.00; $3.00 each additional

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