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anna trinh
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hi there

I love Bleach but stoped watching it at the end of the aizen arc as it stated a filler series, which i'm not to keen on. Anyways, i recently watched the first 2 minds of the most recent Bleach episode, and after googleing a word they used "fullbring" it seems that it is now back in the cannon parts. Now i sart to have a problem; since i didn't keep up to-date with the current sotry i have no clue when the fillers end and the cannon starts, so i was hoping someone who would know where to start watching from again could have me the heads up!


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Actually the "Fullbring" episodes will be the last one.

Before that will be a story arc about shinigami clones!  I don't to give too much away, but I enjoyed that story arc more than the Fullbring one, until the end.  That's when the Fullbring arc slams it home.

All in all, I couldn't help but feel that Bleach should have really ended with Aizen, gone on a break and done a miniseries with the "Attack of the Clones" (LOL) and then another one with the "Fullbringers."

Did you draw that pic, BTW?  It's nice.  Ichigo probably would end up with Orihime, but I used to think it would have been interesting for her to have a little romance with Ulquirroa and Uryu.


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