Take It or Leave It

An Excerpt of "The Horrors of Womanhood," a Story by Annelamia Hodges

Posted by HERETICPRIME on October 21, 2019 at 12:30 AM

Annelamia Hodges is an author and fellow creator on the Webs.com network  Anna creates all sorts of subgenres of literature, but mostly in the realm of horror and what I would call "high weirdness." I came across her website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns, by accident, in an attempt to find other Webs.com creators that might not be getting the exposure that they deserve.

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This 2 ton tubby came waddling in, complaining about having vaginal cramps.  With disgust, I asked, “Are you on the rag?” “No, I just had my period a little while ago,” “How long ago was ‘a little while ago?’” “Umm... it’s been a few weeks.”

My patient’s lack of confidence in her answer seriously annoyed me.  “So, why didn’t you just say so?  Why beat around the bush?” “I thought Nurse Gigi already told you.  She already wrote it down on a Post-It.”

Eventually, I said to 2 Ton Tubby, “Before stab-- I mean, pricking you, I’ve got a few more questions to ask.” “Oh okay.” “Do you drink?” “No.” “Do you smoke?” “No.” “Do you or have you ever done any illegal drugs?” “Nooo?” “Are you currently sexually active?” “No!” “How many sexual partners have you ever had in your past?” “None.” “Ah, no body count you say?  Do you masturbate?” 2 Ton shouted, “WHAT!  No!  NEVER!  I’m a woman.  Only men do such a thing as that!” Then muttered, “Pervert.”

While rolling my eyes at her, I couldn't resist scoffing. “What?  Are you new, lady?  Or are you from The Prehistoric Ages?” She soon became defensive.  “Excuse me?  How DARE you rudely ask such extremely personal and inappropriate questions?” “Well, it’s quite simple Miss. I’m a gynecologist.  I can ask you whatever I want!  And by these questions being standard procedure, I HAVE TO ask them!  GOT IT?” She scoffed after glaring at me with her double chin and wattle drooping.


Adding to my annoyance, I had to remind Frumpy Dumps, “You are supposed to be undressed.  Why aren't you undressed?” “Since you were asking me all those creepy and perverted questions, I didn't have time to undress.” With a deep exhale, I said to her, “Okay, fair enough.  This is what I want and NEED for you to do for me, right now.  First, you must undress yourself from the waist down.  You can leave your socks on but take off your shoes.  I’ll be back in a few more minutes.”

After giving Frumpy a few minutes to undress, I returned to the room with a knock on the door, and let myself back in.  As I was passing by the chairs in the room, I couldn't help noticing her nasty, faded out, blue panties.  Her blue panties had dingy, brown stains and holes through the seat of them.

Of all the panties to wear to a doctor's appointment, 2 Ton Tubby WOULD wear the most revolting-looking panties.  Disgusting!  Not surprising that she was still single and a virgin, as old and haggy as she was.

Finally, I said to her, “Okay, now hook your feet through these stirrups.  Scoot your butt further down the bed, a little closer to the edge, and spread your legs for me nice and wide.” “Like this?” “Yeah, just like that.” I started washing my hands, rinsed my speculum with hot water, put on my latex gloves, and JAB!  She began to scream and cry.

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