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Guilty Pleasures: Paranormal YouTube Channels

Posted by HERETICPRIME on October 8, 2019 at 1:10 AM

I've been wanting to write something about these types of channels for a long time, but I've been so busy with my Up and Coming Cosplayer Series that I've slacked off on other subject matter. (I do all of this by myself.  I'm tryng to get some writers to help with the slack.)

One of my favourite guilty pleasures after a long day of work, and possibly dialysis, and eating my dinner, is to turn on my Xfinity, go to my apps section, and watch some YouTube.  I'll watch all sorts of things on YouTube; yes, a few guilty pleasures, but what I love most at that time of day are my paranormal channels.  I watch a lot more than the ones I've listed in this artlcle, but these are the top ten on YouTube in pretty much order of enjoyment at this moment.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Check these channels out when you're finished here and see if you enjoy them, too.

10) Xendrius

Subject Matter:  Secret Societies, Forbidden Rituals, Withheld Lore, Conspiracy TheoryMagicians, and Magic/Magik

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lengths of Time:  4-40 Minutes

Xendrius is a channel devoted to exposing not only known secret societies such as The Skull and Bones and Freemasons, but ones that talk about is discouraged like The Illuminati.  In short the world of secrets is discussed in this channel but what I will talk about mostly is it's coverage of magic practioniers.  So many other channels cover the secret society and conspiracy theory angle, but no one discusses magicians quite the way Xendrius does.

Xendrius attempts to expose  magicians as thralls for extra-dimensional beings.  Yeah.  Some people might word this as saying that magicians are seekers of fame and supernatural power that trade their souls to demons for it.  Others would say that they are not demons, but elemental beings that have a greater understanding of our universe and trade some of that understanding and power with coporeal humans in order to experiment with the effects.  Some might even argue that they are beings that we can only try to understand that lend their power to desperate humans.  In any case, you get the idea of what Xendrius is barking at, and he gives some interesting arguments for his belief.

Xendrius finds a lot of connections in names, imagery, and symbolism with many major magicians that he believes marks them demon familiars, but this is just a part of the appeal of his videos.  It's actually nice to see the magic tricks as well, but combining that with the idea he could be right adds an even creepier and ominous aspect to what you are watching.  It's kind of like watching that first batch of paranormal movies around the turn of the century when you thought they were real.  You get spooked.

There are a few channels out there that believe the same thing that Xedrius does, and even some that attempt discredit hiim by trying to explain that the magic tricks are just tricks, but they don't seem to do such a good job, in my opinion.

9) WoodwardTV

Subject Matter:  Conspiracy Theory and General Paranormal and Supernatural

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lengths of Time:  15-22 Minutes

WoodwardTV is a channel that is run by a very opinionated creator appears to be very diverse in his reseach and interrest in the paranormal.  He talks about supernatural, paranormal, scientific, psuedo-scientific, meta-scientific, historic, mythical, religious, and all sorts of matters in between.  In his video, he tries to give what he considers the important high points of whatever subject matter he covers in his videos.

There is a very intese feeling that he is warning you of issues that your life and the lives of all humanity may depend on, and that there is only so little time cover and discuss.

I think that WoodwardTV ius best enjoyed after viewing a lot of other channels of this ilk.  That way you can appreciate some of the conclusions he comes to, and the subject matter he speaks on.

8 ) Zohar Enterainment Group (UAMN TV, Zohar Stargate TV, and possibly others)

Subject Matter:  Extraterrestrials and UFOs

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lengths of Time:  12 Miinutes to 2 Hours

UAMN TV reminds me of a few other channels that cover extraterrestrials and UFO culture.  While UAMN TV will occasionally have documentaries, for the most part they have recordings of experts in the field making appearances at various events for believers and experiencers with extraterrestirals and UFOs.

Other very similar channels include OOWK MEDIA and Zohar Stargate TV.  In fact, I think that they share content, either by coincidence, or on purpose.  In fact, i wouldn't be surprised if they were actually owned and run by the same people.  The subject matter and tone of all three channels are very similar.

7) Edge of Wonder

Subject Matter:  General Paranormal, Supernatural, and Psuedo/Super Science

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lengths of Time:  8-50 Minutes; a few for a couple of hours

Edge of Wonder has all of the trendy energy of Buzzfeed and TheRichest, but uses that energy to examine extraterrestrial and UFO subject matter.  Edge of Wonder's videos are cohosted by Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts, and they cover issues with a very informed and intelligent manner, often having young experts in the fields to shed their perspective on things as well.

Sometimes I think I feel the glossy veneer of misinformation in their videos.  it's a tendency I have whenever information in the fields gets a certain age and "everyone" starts repeating it as common knowledge. (I know.  I could be wrong for it, but that part of me that questions common knowledge can't help it.) I thnk I also get the feeling for this because of the apparent ease Ben and Rob have in obtaining such good guests, who give so much information.

Damn, now I feel like I'm penalising them for doing too good a job!  LOL

6) MindSeed TV

Subject Matter:  Technology, Entertainment, Hauntings, Cursed Items, Dark Web, and Urban Legends

Viewer/Listener Input:  Minimal

Video Legnths of Time:  3-30 Minutes

MindSeed TV is a channel that shares entertainment and communciations technology but also visits paranormal places like haunted insane asylums, murder houses, and abandoned buildings. They also try to communicate with and summon spirits by holding seances, using Ouji Boards, and summoning circles. If that wasn't enough, they also order occult ites like Dyybuk boxes and items from the Dark Web, just to open them in real time for their audiences.

I tried to find out who the hosts are, but strangely enough they really don't outright say who they are on their sites. I think that one is named Casey Nolan (simply because he was in the contact information) and the other is named Steve (He was referred to in a video with no last name.). I get the feeling that Casey and Steve just do and cover whatever they find interesting, and the end result is a channel that covers all sorts of cool things...Hmmm...

I really like this channel.  I like the variety of things they cover, and the particular choices they make in covering.  This is very much because I am who I am, so everyone is not going to be as pleased with this channel as I am, but because of the many things they cover, you will probably find some videos that you do like.

To tell you the truth, I really don't get enough of these guys, and would love to get more.

5) Bedtime Stories

Subject Matter:  Mysteries and Spooky Paranormal, Supernatural, and History

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lenghts of Time:  15-30 Minutes

Bedtime Stories is a UK based channel that covers true stories that are suspected to be paranormal, supernatural, conspiracy, unknown, or unsolved in nature.  For most of the channel's history it has had the same narrator whom's voice fits the creepy subject matter, as well as the great original background art made just for the stories.  The art actually adds a great touch to the stories, and it really shines through in the chaning intros for each season.

While most of the stories do deal with things like aliens, ghosts, monsters, and cryptids, they will cover gruesome unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories.

4) Universe Inside You

Subject Matter:  Extraterrestrial, UFOs, Mentalism, and Spiritualism

Viewer/Listener Input:  None

Video Lengths of Time:  15-45 Minutes

If I could best describe this channel, I would say that Universe Inside You is like an upgraded audiobook version of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  Universal Edition."  Universe Inside you gives great insight to many alien races, critiqueing on their relations to each other, what they want from/for Earthlings, as well as their technological, spiritual, and vibrational advancements.

A lot of Unvierse Inside You's videos also tutor in waking abilities like healing, astral projection, and opening of the Third Eye.  Other videos attempt to educate true history not shared in institutions.

I'm probably not doing Universe Inside You justice with this short description, but I have a feeling that it's a side effect of describing so many other channels of similar subject matter in the first half of this article.  However, please trust that this channel is something special in order for it to make it to the top five.

3) Strange But True Stories!

Subject Matter:  Spooky Paranormal, Supernatural, and Mysteries

Viewer/Listener Input:  Very Integral

Video Lengths of Time:  5-40 Minutes

The opening says it all:  "Strange but true stories...Tales from the Darkside, the Lightside, and...the Other Side."  Strange But True Stories! is a channel that shares stories sent in by viewers, all of which are reported as true first hand paranormal and supernatural life experiences.

The host has a kind of old fashioned "Country Time" voice that actually goes well with his storytelling.  Where some of the stories could be scary, there is always an upbeat and optimistic tone that is given by Steve White's narration style.  Strange But True Stories! is truly unique in that aspect.  You actually feel uplfted and optimistic after a story.

Some of my favourite stories shared on Strange But True Stories! revolve around "The Hunter," a man with a past that fights supernatural forces, and protects wanderers from things that go "bump" in the night. One of the interesting thing about the "Hunter" stories is that they supposedly all come from different storytellers that have met him.

2) Beyond Creepy

Subject Matter:  Spooky Paranormal, Supernatural, and Mysteries

Viewer/Listener Input:  Little

Video Lengths of Time:  6-15 Minutes

Beyond Creepy reminds me a lot of two previous channels I've mentioned:  Bedtime Stories and Strange But True Stories!  All three channels tell paranormal and supernatural stories that are told as true.  I think Beyond Creepy started out a lot like Strange But True Stories!, in that it mostly used stories from viewers and listeners.  Now Beyond Creepy uses stories from all sources, many of which have been covered in artcles, podcasts, radio/television shows, and even other YouTube channels.

Beyond Creepy is hosted by Mr. Black.  Mr. Black tends to break his videos up by categories and groups that he sometimes lists in his titles based on high strangeness, humanoids, cryptids, and aliens.  I could be wrong, but I think he used to show himself in some of his narrations, but now he chooses to show himself as a silhouette.  It's almost as if Mr. Black fears for his personal safety. Perhaps he feels that his subject matter in his channel makes him a targetted individual.  I don't know, but it does lend to the overall mysterious tone of the channel.

1) Dixie Cryptid

Subject Matter:  Cryptids and Extraterrestrials

Viewer/Listener Input:  Extremely High

Video Lengths of Time:  8-25 Minutes

I found Dixie Cryptid by accident.  I was in a big creepypasta phase, but the stories had begun to burn me out.  They just didn't seem scary anymore.  I don't know if it was becaue I had finally gotten to the lame ones, my threshold for high strangeness or creep factor had increased from constant exposure, or the fact that I was listening to fiction and it no longer satisfied me.  In any case, YouTube started suggesting cryptid videos, mostly bigfoot and dogman stuff.  Dixie Cryptid was one of those channels.

Dixie Cryptid is hosted by a very down to Earth guy named Cameron Buckner.  The vast majority of his stories are sent in by listeners/viewers.  Like Strange But True Stories!, they are mostly first hand accounts, but some of the stories are retellings by people that were close to the original tellers.  Also, recently, Cameron has started accepting fiction written by aspiring young writers in an attempt to help foster the love of cryptids and writing.  While I respect that, I hope that he does not make that a big part of the channel.  I think that a huge part of the charm of his channel is the realism.

There are a lot of other channels out there a lot like Dixie Cryptids, but some of the better ones include Dogman Encouters, Mattsquatch Presents, and Dogman Narratives

Dogman Narratives stands out as it uses computer generated movies with the narration of Dogman and Sasquatch stories.  It sounds a little strange, but it works.  It is perhaps my second favourtie purely cryptids YouTube Channel.

I just wanted to say that there are quite a few other paranormal YouTube Channels out there that I felt I should mention.  The Paranormal Scholar gives great information on mostly occult and supernatural subjects.   The 5th Kind is much like UAMN TV,  Universe Inside You, OOWK MEDIA, and Zohar Stargate TV, dealing with extraterrestrials and UFOs.  A channel by the name of "Dave King" shares programming from the late Art Bell, a lot of which from his Dark Matter show, which is very much like Coast to Coast AM, which also now has a YouTube channel of it's own.

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