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Evenink Cosplay Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Posted by HERETICPRIME on December 18, 2018 at 3:30 PM

If you look at her boudoir sets, you might mistake her for one of the many in a rash of young women using cosplay as a stepping stool to private lewd and softcore porn career, but that's only if you have an eye that's blind to artistic skill and well calculated effort.  Yes, like many of the cosplayer from the former USSR, she is beautiful, she is sexy, but most of all, she is talented.

Constantly and consistently, I am impressed by the not only the costumes and props made by these cosplayers, but their immaculate hair, makeup, wig styling, and wig making skills that some of them possess at other times, as well.  Then, if that wasn't enough, all of them are strikingly beautiful in their own rights; they bring cosplay to a whole new level.

If you haven't heard of her, then you'll be glad you visited our little corner of the internet, because you are about learn about a phenom and brand in her own right in this thing called Cosplay.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you, Evenink Cosplay!

First off, before I get into the official interview, I have a few selfish questions for me.  I saw a picture of you on your Instagram with a really big red sword-like prop. (I REALLY liked that prop.) Was that a cosplay of a character?  Did you actually make that prop? How hard was that?

This is a cosplay of Alisa Ilinichna (Amelia) from God Eater, I made this sword by myself and (I am) really proud of it!  It was not so hard, but 'looong process.


So, you are from Belarus.  I think that was a part of the USSR.  There are a lot of serious cosplayers from the former USSR in comparision to the USA.  Why do you think that is?

Here's a lot of cool cosplayers from Russia and Ukraine, but I don't know anyone from my country.  There's really strong competitive spirit, and people want to be best of the best.  I think that's why.

How long have you been cosplaying?

'Two years.

Do you remember your first cosplay?

Yes, 'Enchantress, Suicide Squad.

What was your first con you attended?  About how many do you think you attend a year?

Morroccan con was my first.  I attend about one or two.

When it comes to cosplay, would you say you spent more time on your hair, makeup, and wig styling than on costuming?   Which do you enjoy more?

Definitely yep!  I really love makeup part and shooting process.  They are my favorite!  Also prop making huge weapons is my love!

Do you make your own costumes?  'Props?

Sometimes,' but not often on costumes.  I often my own props.

Who does your hair and makeup?  Do you style and make your own wigs?

I always do my hair and makeup.  I very often style my own wigs.  I rarely make them.

Does your makeup expertise extend into body paints?   I've only seen a few of your cosplays in which you use body paints.   Do you enjoy body paint cosplays?

Almost all my "cosplays" were body art years ago! ;)  I didn't have any money to costumes, so I used paints, and drew costumes on my skin, and I really enjoyed it.  But now I have strong alergies because the paint was not good, so I took a break from body art.

I've seen a lot of cosplayers from the former USSR, and they tend to be intense. Your cosplays are softer and more sensual. Is there a reason?

Not sure.  I just always do what I like and don't think about others ;)

Actually, looking back, it looks like you started out making cosplays that weren't quite as sexy as you do now.  What made you change directions?

I make 50/50 sexy cosplays and normal cosplays now, and I think that's my best decision.  I always wanted to make sensual and sexy photos but was too shy before.  But when I started to make my first lewd sets I fell in love with this genre!

You have a really nice number of patrons with Patreon. What tier do they tend to mostly make up?

'Depends of month and sets that I provide.  For example in December everyone gets lower tiers because they want to save some money for gifts, and in February they increase their tiers back. ;)

From the looks of your Patreon, you do a lot of budiour and implied nudes.   Do you enjoy those cosplay inspired shoots more than regular cosplay shoots?

'Depends on character ;) I love that I can make my own version in lingerie look different, so yeah, sometimes I really love it more than usual cosplay.

How many cosplays and cosplay shoots do you do for your patrons versus your personal cosplays that you do just for you?

I love all my cosplays, even when someone requests a charcater that I don't know.  I check it out and usually fall in love.  :D So, I enjoy all my works and charcters that I make.

You seem to love the camera.  Would you consider yourself more on the role play side of cosplay?

Nope, I'm bad in acting and I spent two years (practicing) to feel beter with camera and sets.  It was a long and hard process, but totally worth it.


Who would you consider some of the more famous cosplayers from the former USSR?

'Not sure, I don't know too many cosplayers from here.  I'm a fan of some cosplayers from EU and USA mostly. :D

Are there any cosplayers that you look up to?

Tabbitha, Nigri, Jenn Lynn and many others!  I really love tons of cosplayers, :D and they all are very inspirational to me.

Do you have anything you would want to say to our readers and/or your followers?

I love you all! <3 heheh

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