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Interview with Eveille Cosplay

Posted by HERETICPRIME on November 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Eveille Cosplay is uncommon in the fold of cosplayers in that she is also a photographer.  Even more uncommon is her humbleness and sense of realism when it comes to her arts, and the roles she sees them playing in her life.  While Eveille Cosplay is extremely talented and beautiful, she has no misgivings about becoming an overnight cosplay celebrity, or being able to retire off of the donations of Patreon admirers like some cosplayers.  What we have in Eveille Cosplay is a very talented young lady with professional prospects and aspirations beyond her cosplay and photography hobbies, that does not diminish her dedication to them.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Eveille Cosplay.

Before you answer anything, I just wanted you to know that whenI saw your Storm for the first time, I wanted to mail you marriage papers. It wasn't as big and "out there" as a lot of Storms. It was a simpler Storm from the 80's, but you killed it.

(No Response)

How would you describe your style of cosplay?

Probably, I do what I want!  *Haha*  I don’t think I really have a particular style.  I honestly make whatever I like the best.  Though I have moved a lot more towards film and video games for costumes, and away from anime as I’ve gotten older.

What kind of subjects give you inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are my friends.  They’re all so talented and wonderful, and I love seeing what they make every day!

I see you're not afraid of body paint. How often would you say you body paint when you cosplay?

Wouldn’t say I have a sequence as to how often I do it.  I do it when I need to for the particular costume.

In the past there was a little controversy about racial body painting. What's your opinion on it?

You do not do it. Period.

You actually do a lot of gijinkas. 'Mostly Pokemon? What do you think makes Pokemon such great subjects for gijinka?

Variety! There are so many that there’s honestly something for everyone.

Do you craft any props or weapons?

'Only for my own costumes.

Do you have a crew that you tend to cosplay with?

Absolutely, my closest group of girlfriends are who I cosplay with the most.

Are there any cosplayers that you look forward to seeing at cons?

I hope to meet Kinpatsu at C2E2 this coming year!  Everything she makes is always amazing!

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve had my camera for a few years now, but I mainly do it on the side for myself and friends and that’s about it.

How does being a cosplayer affect your craft as a photographer?

I understand what cosplayers want to look good and have a tendency to straighten costumes up before I take a shot.   I see things that sometimes I feel other photographers miss.

Does being a photographer ever affect your cosplaying or costuming? Do you choose certain fabrics or materials because you know they look better for photography?

No, usually I go what’s going to look best for that specific costume.

Has your style of posing or costume building changed because of photography?

No, 'not really.'

When you choose a cosplay subject or character, what tends to draw you? 'Sex appeal?  'Strength of character? 'The challenge? 'Overall cool factor? What?

I mean, it depends.  I don’t know if there is one overall thing that draws me into characters.  Everyone is different, and I like them for different reasons.

What do you think about the trend of Patreon and cosplay? Do you think that it is helping the cosplay community or hurting it?

I see no problem with people using Patreon with their cosplay.  In fact, I regularly support a few Patreons of cosplayers.

Do you think that the cosplay community is better now than it was 5 years ago? '10 years ago?

Honestly there are good things and bad things, then and now.  It’s an ever changing and evolving beast and I don’t think there was ever a “golden age” for the community.

One of the things that I think is funny is that in the past, I used to work in the adult entertainment industry, so I know all about how people can be around sexually charged jobs and people. In that industry, we had a very chill and open attitude about everything, and a lot less exploitation happened on a personal level than you might think. As I see cosplay becoming more sexually charged with Patreon and cosplayers feeling the need to give incentive for higher and higher tiers of support, I see it becoming very much like Adult Entertainment in the 90's-00's. The funny thing is that a lot of the cosplayers are not so chill, and seem to have this love/hate relationship with their patrons. Do you agree? Do you have an opinion on that?

What people do on their Patreons or with their cosplay is entirely up to them and all the power to those that have used it successfully. There are people who do lewds and people who don’t and most of those that I know that do it, do it because they love it and do not feel pressured at all to deliver more.  I just want younger girls to understand that you don’t have to do the sexy stuff to cosplay.  It’s entirely by choice.

Do you mind telling us what your "day job" is?

I work in video games.

What is your ultimate goal, career-wise? Does cosplay or photography play any part in it?

I have no goal career-wise when it comes to cosplay.  It is a hobby and that’s it.

What is the coolest thing that cosplay and photography has brought into your life?

'My friends.

Do you ever want to take a break? Do you ever take breaks?

'Not at this time.  I just love crafting.

What are some of the big cons that you are proud to say you have attended?

I wouldn’t say I’m proud to have attended any con.  This is something I do purely for enjoyment and which cons I choose to spend my money at is my personal decision.  It does not make one event better than another.

Any cons that you are shooting for?

I would like to someday do an international one.

If you had any message that you would like to give to your fans and admirers, what would it be?

Cosplay for you and you alone.  Do what you love, and don’t feel pressured to cosplay a certain way.  Cosplay is for everyone!

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