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Crump Smash Interview Bonus Questions

Posted by HERETICPRIME on October 7, 2018 at 12:15 AM

For these questions, if you like, after you answer you can say, "Ditto," and I'll answer them, too.

Besides "The Usual Suspects," what hobbies do you have that some may find odd?

I punch dinosaurs.

Do you have any "super powers" or physical abnormalities that you are especially proud of, like a childhood injury that allows you to fold your hand back to your arm, or photographic memory?

I have a higher level of jerktonium in my blood.

If you could pick three super powers to really have, what would they be?

healing factor, ice powers, teleportation

What are the last five videos in your YouTube history?

'Gorillas videos, B-Boy videos, "How to Box a Kangaroo," "How to Build a Deck," and "Cooking with Martha Stewart."

What are the last five sites in your browser history?

I plea(d) the 5th.

What are the last five songs in your playlist?

Gorillaz "tranz", Lupe Fiasco "jonylah forever", B.E.R "The Night Begins to Shine" , Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock", (and) Celine Dion "Ashes."

Is there a song that you are ashamed to admit that you get stuck in your head and sometimes sing out loud?

'Anything by Kesha.


Why do you think that mothers tell children that witches eat them?

'To get them to clam up.  LOL

Have you ever watched a porno to relax?

LOL No, I'm on a mission son!

Have you ever wanted to make one? (A porno, but behind the camera)


Have you ever wanted to BE in one?

Hell no, i'm lazy.  I don't have the stamina to go 30 min.  LOL


If you could see any fictional character naked just to satisfy curiosity, who would he/she/it be?


If there was any product that you could endorse, which would it be?

'Not gonna say until i get paid.  LOL

Are there any USAmereican foods that you would have a love affair with, if you could?

I plea(d) the 5th.

'Dogs or Cats?

'Dogs' They're cool.  Cats act like assholes.

'White or Dark?

(chicken meat) 'Both.  That only thing that matters is the fried skin.

'Clear or Brown?

(liquor) Yes, I would like 2 cups.

'Bone out, or Bone in?

(chicken wings) That's a personal question, Sir.

'Sausage or Bacon?

'Silly question, Sir…..BACON


'Nachos or Tacos?


'Chilidogs or Bacon Cheeseburgers?

'……….bacon cheeseburgers.

'Garfield or Heathcliff?

Heathcliff would whip that fat orange cats ass!

'Scooby or Marmaduke?

I'm offended.

'Marry, fuck, or kill: Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Supergirl?

FUCK, Fuck, Overwatch.

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