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My Longshot Guess/Idea of How the Infinity War Movies Could End

Posted by HERETICPRIME on August 14, 2018 at 10:50 PM

Why couldn't he have stayed like this the whole film?

By the way, if you hadn't guessed it, this article has mad spoilers for the Marvel Comics and MCU stories concerning the Infinitiy Gauntlet and Infinity War.  Come to think of it, it also has spoilers to a few other MCU and FOX Marvel movies, so read with caution.

Call it what you will:  plot prediction, guessing, or fan fiction, we fanboys and fangirls don't leave it to the pros when it comes to story writing.  Part of learning tomes upon tomes of lore based on our favourite characters is learning how they think, feel, and love, even better than their creators.(at least in our minds) 'Don't believe me?  Just do a search for your favourtie character under "fan fiction" or "shipping," and see what you get.  Back in the day, there would be whole forum websites just for this.  In this modern dumbed-down and controlled age of Facebook, I'm sure you can find many Facebook forums and groups where this goes on still.  I just doubt they are as creative as the private pages where imaginations can run wild.  

I hear she actually does read fan fics.

Well, that's what this article is.  I thought it would be cool to share what I think could be a viable ending for the Infinity War in the MCU.  Hell, for all I know, it's already in the works.  Do I have inside information?  'Nope.  I was just watching Avengers:  Infinity War for the third time, and an echo of a thought from watching the second time made me take notes.  What's the idea?  I think that it would be cool if the key to defeating Thanos was using characters with corresponding powers to combat the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet.  What do I mean by this?  Avatars of Power, Space, Time, Mind, Soul, and Reality would battle Thanos and his overloaded Infinity Gauntlet.

That's gotta sting..!

Why do I think the movies will deviate from the comic books?  Besides the fact that Marvel Studios screenwriters can't resist changing things to save their lives, I think it would feel very rushed and sloppy if Marvel Studios would introduce the Cosmic Abstract Entities and lesser cosmic powers of the Marvel Universe who played roles in the original resolution in the comic book.  The MCU was barely able to create a possible entrance to the most important person in the original Infinity War in the comic books.  Plus, by the way people seem to be asking about Captain Marvel instead of Adam Warlock, I'm thinking that she(?) will probably play a bigger role than Adam Warlock, and that's if he is a part of the resolution. 

'Follow the comics? Nah, let's just make Captain Marvel a big part of the sequel, even though "she" was a "he" and went by "Quasar" in the comics.  He also got, as Doctor Doom would say, "his wrist spanked to a pulp!"

In fact, I've noticed that the MCU seems to be decidedly non-cosmic, even at the cost of Thanos's original motivation in the comics which was to woo the cosmic manifestation of Death.

Okay, it's from a different storyline, but she looks so much better than how they depicted her in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

I think this has something to do with certain characters that Marvel Studios has been deprived of in the past. Just as FOX's ownership of X-Men and related characters caused Marvel Studios to create the half-assed introduction of the storyline of mutants by integrating them with Inhumans (This even contaminated the comics in some sort of attempt for continuity with the MCU.), I think that FOX's ownership of the Fantastic Four discouraged introduction of important cosmic and extradimensional characters that also debuted or were a major part of the titular comic. Perhaps since Disney's very recent purchase of FOX, they'll find some way to integrate both camps into the MCU in time for everyone to play their roles, but that will take several movies to do it right, and I don't think they have the patience. I don't think we have the patience.

How will Marvel Studios shuffle all of these guys together?  Stay tuned and find out, True Believers!

So like I said, I think that the key to defeating Thanos may have something to do with overloading the already weakend and damaged Infinity Gauntlet.  How would one overload it?  'By forcing it's user to use all of it's powers continually or in another grand celestial gesture. 

I think that there were certain heroes that had Infiinity Stone-like powers in themselves.  It might have even been a reason that Thanos killed them off; their deaths not so random.  When Heimdall sent Hulk to Earth by summoning a Bifrost, I thought, "Huh...Heimdall is kind of like a Space Gem in himself."(Yeah, I tend to think of the comic names for the "stones.") But it was in the battle on Titan with Thanos that the idea was fully realised. 

Even in the comic book, Heimdall has always had a perception of Space on a cosmic scale.

When Doctor Strange used his many spells and abilities against Thanos, I was impressed at how his spells seemed to give him mastery over many powers of the Inifinity Stones, even though his stone was Time, and he did not even use against Thanos.  Magic is a very intuitive ability, seeing into the true nature of people and things. Doctor Strange's grasp of magic and different realities, dimensions, and possibilities gives him an insight to the Soul.  In fact, his greatest powers come from his knowledge of the principles of the Astral Plane.

He can affect Realities, and he is the Keeper of the Time Stone, but Doctor Strange is definitely a Soul Man.

Mantis's ability to put Celestials to sleep and paralyse Thanos shows that she has Mind powers on a cosmic scale.  In the comics she has also rubbed elbows with many cosmic figures, so it is not so far-fetched to believe that Mantis could be a representative of Mind.

"Open your miiiiiind..!"

Back on Earth, Vision hinted at a connection between the Scarlet Wtich's powers and his Mind Stone, saying their energies were similar.  Although Scarlet Witch's abilities may come from the mind, they are not of the mind.  She seems to warp Reality, just like her comic counterpart

With a power of Reality warping strong enough to destroy the Mind Stone, Scarlet Witch could probably affect the Infinity Guantlet.

I think that everyone knows who the personification of Power is in the MCU, and possibly even the Marvel UniverseThe Incredible Hulk.  While he was not destroyed like the other suggested avatars, he did decide to take himself out of the equation for now...Or perhaps the avatar for power is in fact...Thor..?  In my opinion, Thor:  Ragnarok gave him an upgrade in importance and power in the MCU, not to mention power gained by StormbreakerThor could very well gain the title that he has always wanted of "Strongest Avenger."

Who really has the power?

This leaves only Time.  Strangely enough, there has not been a character that I felt was a true avatar of Time in the MCU.  FOX Marvel characters have had more characters with power over time with X-Men:  Days of Future Past and Deadpool 2.  It would be possible for my theory to be complete if Cable or someone else was integrated into the MCU to be the avatar or Time, or perhaps Time is someone else that I have not thought of...Then again, the power of Time would not be so hard to give to if someone was to have a bodyslider like the one that Cable or Deadpool has...

Maybe his bodysliding wasn't "his" power in the movie, but this was the best I could come up with.

How do we get the destroyed heroes back in the fight? That's where Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock could come in. Perhaps it will have something to do with Adam Warlock's cosmic cocoons. Perhaps Captain Marvel's Quantum Bands will actually save the day this time...'Depending on which version of Captain Marvel is introduced.

Hey, that does look like a Soul Stone in his cocoon!

The last part of this idea is how the heroes might concentrate their powers to overload the guantlet.  I think they need a champion:  Spider-ManSpider-Man is a multifaceted hero with many aspects of power already inside of him.  His Spidey Sense gives him a spacial (Space) and precognitive (Time) intuition of threats, both circumstancial (Reality) and intentual (Mind).  Spider-Man is able to sense and see astral projectons (Soul).  He is also an excellent physical speciman outclassing Captain America and Black Panther in speed, dexterity, strength, healing, and resistances to injury and toxins (Power).  His combination of abilities make him one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Univers and MCU.  Plus his Spidey Sense might also give him insight to his powers, telling him when he is in danger of using them incorrectly or the best and worst tiimes to strike or evade.  Spider-Man could be the linchpin strong enough for all of the powers to work together inside him, just as Thanos's gauntlet allows the Infinity Stones to work in unison. 

In the comics he's no stranger to power.  He's been everything from your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man to Captain Universe.

Perhaps some sort of power transfer, similar to what happened in Fantastic Four:  Rise of the Sivler Surfer could be triggered, or Stormbreaker could be used as a conduit for those powers.  Imagine it!  Spider-Man could strike while avoiding Thanos's attacks and deal the coup de grace by using Stormbreaker, and yes, hopefully he would aim for the head...

He would be a Cosmic Spider of Thunder!

So what do you think? 'Sound like too much? Does it sound unbelievable, or does it just suck altogether? How do you think the Infinity War may or should end? Share and comment below.

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