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Is Patreon Good for the Art of Cosplay?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 26, 2018 at 1:25 PM

Yes, you'll get paid, but at what price?

I've written about three different drafts of this article with different titles, all with different amounts of shame, blame, and regret thrust upon the sholders of cosplayers and their fans, but in the end, I think that this one is the decent middle ground that I should probably take, while still addressing some issues that I have seen due to the rise in Patreon profiles for people claiming to be cosplayers.

For the record, I have no issues with Jannet Incosplay...except that I don't think she'll ever get her interview questions back to me.

I've noticed a tension in some cosplayers that I think may be caused by different conditions created by Patreon.  Now, even though I said that I "think" they "may be caused," I'm sure that some of you will take this as me giving this as the gospel truth.  *shrugs shoulders* I'm not.  A lot of this is speculation, but I think it's good speculation.  In short, I think that Patreon is making cosplay harder on cosplayers for three basic reasons.

Did Nana Bear have a Patreon?  You betcha?  Does she still have it?  Yup.  Money is hard to turn down.  She might be mentaly ill right now, but she's not stupid.  Did it contribute to her mental problems?  I'm sure that her Grandmother dying also did, but this couldn't have helped.  Read the article and you speculate on that.

First off, cosplaying is hard work. It is especially hard if you have a job, go to school, and make regular con appreances. All three of those things I just mentioned, not to mention costuming, are very expensive in time and money. The more Patreon sponsors, and the higher the tier of the sponsor you have, the more work you might feel the need to show. I think that while many cosplayers work themselves to death on cosplays right before and even at cons, I think that a cosplayer with at least 10 sponsors feels that urgency at least three times as worse.

Just some of the effort that the Egg Sisters put into making a foot...

Second, I think that cosplayers might feel obligated to show thanks by forcing themselves to give more personal time. Things like becoming friends with sponsors on gaming platforms, Skping, Goggle Hangouts, Twitching, and meeting fans at cons is very tiring. It also might make a person feel that they are litterally selling themselves. Some of you might say that they are actually not selling themselves. They are selling their time. NOW, what does that sound like. 'Sound familiar? 'Anyone else usually get prefaced with that statement as a disclamer?

"And remember:  You're not paying for a lady's sex.  You're paying for her time..!"

'Thirdly: Lewds. I think that this is potentially one of the reasons that certain cosplayers get burned out on the whole Patreon thing. Do I really have to go into why?  I think that a lot of cosplayers with Patreon do lewds and boudior shoots because they want to attract higher tier sponsors, and to satisfy the ones they have; they feel the pressure.

I'm waiting for one of these cosplayers to make a "Boyfriend Tier." That way it can be official when you pay for them to get their hair and nails done.

I also think that the "cosplayers" that have sunk into the lewds rut think find nudes and lewds as a cheap alternative to actually doing the hard work of costuming, makeup, hair and wig styling, and would rather just do it and satisfy the sponsors that just want to see flesh.

Do you think it's just casual admirers that think they are getting stiffed by nudes and lewds that cost between $0 and whatever wire and rope costs at the Home Depot?

Now, as I said before, I have written several different drafts of this article, and most of them named names.  While I wanted to write this version without doing that, I realised that it would be almost impossible to give examples without naming cosplayers.  However, with this version, I hope that bad feelings felt by anyone are brought to a minimum with the manner in which I mention these cosplayers.  To show varying degrees of what I mean, I'll talk about three cosplayers, all of which I think are on the spectrum of perhaps being affected by Patreon in a not so good way.  Lastly, I'll mention someone that might not be having any problems yet, but might be feeling some of the pressure just the same.

I've always felt that the first and second reasons might have affected Bree the V. Fans of hers might remember her announcing that she would be taking a year hiatus from cosplaying.  When I read this, I didn't believe this.  Why would a person stop doing something she loved for  a whole year?  The way I interepretted this was, "I'm going on a year long hiatus of cosplaying for you!" 

The many pretty and giddy faces of Bree the V.

Perhaps cosplaying wasn't the joy it used to be for Bree the V.  Perhaps that thrill and appreciation that recognition used to bring her at cons turned to annoyance and even fear.  I don't know.  Even though what I described is not so terrible, and some might say, "Hey, that's the price of being a public figure," I'm sure that it still sucks sometimes, and all of us have weaker days when the pressure is harder to take than others.  Like I said, this is all speculation.

Bree the V. in the middle of Cosplay Blues

The second example of cosplayers I think that Patreon might be causing some troubles for is Momokun, or Mariah Mallard, as she is also known.  (I'm not sure if Mariah Mallard is her government name, or not.) She has been the subject of a lot of internet chatter for her antics as a party girl, and her obligations to her benefactors on different media that she accepts money on.  I think Momokun is guilty of succumbing to the first and third pitfalls of Patreon cosplay.

'Not going to lie.  Momokun is one sexy MF, and this is one of my favourite cosplays of hers.  Don't judge...

Momokun has gone into blubbering rants about how mean people are to her because of her Patreon, but how all she is trying to do is help support her family. 'Really? I thought it was for making cosplay, and this is a big part of why some of Momokun's past sponsors and a lot of former fans and present crtics say that her Patreon is a scam. They say that Momokun doesn't make nearly as much of her cosplays that someone that literally gets thousands of dollars a month from her sponsors should.  Momokun has admitted that some of her cosplays are completely bought, and some of the ones she makes also have store bought pieces, but the percentage of made vs. bought is argued a lot.

The FAT man in me wants to jump in.  The fat MAN in me also wants to jump in.

Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitch folks, and other people on social media have also accused Momokun as suffering from "THOT behaviour." They accuse her of spending Patreon money on: drinking and having a good time at cons.  I see the feeds, pictures, and videos that she streams at cons in her hotel rooms, and I think they might be a little right...'About the money!  'Not about being a THOT..!

With over $6,000.00 a month in Patreon contributions, you gotta give me more than this.  That's about $72,000.00 a year for those of you that aren't counting.  Hey, do they tax donated income?

Third, I want to bring up the cosplayer known as Alychu Cosplay, not to be confused with Stella Chu, Livia Chu, or any other reputable Chu int he cosplay community.  Do I really need to go into her? She was Patreon before Patreon.  Alychu Cosplay would sell cam time for money on PayPal and other mediums before people were selling nudes, lewds, and Polaroids on Patreon. At one time, Alychu Cosplay only sold softcore videos and cam time. Now she has graduated to full blown hardcore porn. 

Velma has fallen on hard times.  Solving mysteries doesn't pay the bills like it used to.

I would say that her crime was the third reason from the beginning, and only hopes for complications from the first and second reasons.  How badly do I think it affects Alychu Cosplay?  I think that if Alychu Cosplay could just sit in her bed, oiled up, with a box of doughnuts, and a can of whipped cream in front of a camera of paying voyeurs, she would.

Apparently Lady Tsunade is teaching more than just ninjitsu as Fifth Hokage.

Lastly there is the beautiful and talented Krissy Victory, also known as Victory Cosplay.  I'm not sure if Patreon has really harmed or put any pressure on her, but I do think it has changed the type of cosplayer she is. Krissy Victory was a fun, but serious cosplayer, a regular blogger, and a YouTuber, who not only created fun cosplays, but also talked about serious subjects, like the good and bad things that happened to her while going to school in Korea.(I'm not going to go into the nature of these things. I think you really should go to her YouTube channel and listen to her tell her stories, and not get them second hand from me.) Shortly after we started talking, Krissy Victory exploded in the scene with praise from John Boyega on Twitter about her cosplay of him as Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Krissy Victory was an instant celebrity in the cosplay community instantly gaining Verified status on social medias and many Patreon sponsors. Then came the lewds...

High Praise!  I would have died!

Krissy Victory does so many postings of lewds and pictures of highly suggestive nature that they probably outnumber her cosplays anywhere from 10-20 to 1. I cannot think of the last time that I have seen a picture of Krissy Victory that did not show almost all of her butt, abs, sideboob, full boob, or have her in a bed with another woman. She's even done these POV videos and pics where the person with the camera films her on her knees with her head in his hands and...well...you get the picture.  That is how much I think Patreon has changed her, and I follow her on Instagram and Facebook, so I would see more if she posted more. 'Sounds like a case of the #3s to me.  But like I've said before, I could be wrong.

'Pretty, but what's a brotha gotta do to see some serious cosplay up in here, anymore?  Hey, what all do you see on that full video on Patreon..!?  Maybe it's worth it...Nah!  What am I saying..!?

So what do you think?  Am I full of it?  Am I right on the money? Why do I have an opiinion?  Well, it is just an opinion; 'my opinion, and I'm just sharing it.  Do you have an opinion on this?  Please, don't be shy.  Share it.  Comment below.  I'll respond.  Let's have an open conversaion.

Uh-Oh!  'Look familiar..?

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