Take It or Leave It

"I'm Cos-Famous!"

Posted by HERETICPRIME on March 3, 2016 at 3:30 PM

Hey guys. I try to bring the best cosplays I encounter to you and I also try to share profiles and pages by the most talented and unique cosplayers on my website.



As for the cosplayers I share on my website, I only share cosplayers that are cool enough to actually respond, and I don’t care how big or talented they are.

I also don’t keep cosplayers on that end up being mean to their fans and admirers, and have had to remove a few.



What I don’t understand is why some cosplayers have to be so full of themselves or mean.



I asked the cosplayer in the dialogue above some simple questions because I was interested in her work. I look at dozens, sometimes over a hundred, so I don’t have the time to read and study each person’s profile or website.

But the thing that is interesting about this case is that one of the reasons I asked her these questions is because I know for a fact that Narcisse Cosplay Art made prop swords for the cosplayer in question and she still answered that she makes all of her props and costumes.



Folks, if you put yourself out there as an artist or public figure to get Likes and be followed, don’t be mean when those people reach out and ask you questions. If you want to cut down on the questions, at least make a FAQ page, or put the answers to those commonly asked questions in your bio. Don’t expect everybody that ever comes to your page to just know your history, or look at every picture to read every caption/post.



Okay. That’s my vent. Take care, and thanks for keeping up with my page.

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