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Old Folks of the 80's: Dead...or Alive..!?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on March 17, 2014 at 12:25 AM

This isn't really an article, so much as a list.  However, it is a list that toss around in my head at all times and odd hours, and would contain questions that I never answered, because it would require me to sit down and find them out.

It's not that I am a lazy person.  It's just that there are so many things going on in my life, and the subject was so...mediocrely odd, that it did not give me the impetus to do the research...until now..!

So here it is!  'Without further ado!  'Old Folks of the 80's:  Dead...or Alive..!?



Conrad Bain - Mr. Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes:  Died of natural causes on January 14, 2013

Don Bexley - Bubba on Sanford and Son: Died of a heart attack and kidney failure on April 15, 1997

Wilford Brimley - Ben Luckett from Cocoon and Dr. Blair from The Thing(1982), and commericals for Quaker Oats ("It's the right thing to do, and the right way to do it!") and Liberty Medical ("Diabeetus!"):  Still Alive

Scatman Crothers - Various movies and television shows including Mr. Bloom from Twilight Zone:  The Movie(1983) and the voice of Jazz from The Transformers ('My favourite role of his!) :  Died of pnemonia exacerbated by lung cancer on November 22, 1986

George Gaynes - Henry, the guardian from Punky Brewster and Commandant Lassard from the Police Academy movie sereis:  Still Alive

Jester Hairston - Rolly Forbes on Amen:  Died of natural causes on January 18, 2000

Katherine Helmond - Mona from Who's the Boss?:  Still Alive ('And still looking good!)

John Houseman - Various movies, television shows, and commericals including Professor Charles W. Kingsfield Jr. from The Paper Chase, Edward Stratton II from Silver Spoons, and SmithBarney Investment Firm commericals ("They make money the old fashioned way:  They earn it..!") Although he was in theatre, film, and televison in a very distinguished career, perhaps his greatest contribution to theatre was as his role of midwife to Orson Welles.:  Died of spinal cancer on October 31, 1988

Barnard Hughes - The grandpa from The Lost Boys:  Died of natural causes on Jully 11, 2006

Rosetta LeNoire - Mother Winslow from Family Matters:  Died from complications of diabetes on March 17, 2002

Keye Luke - Master Po in Kung Fu and Mr. Wing, the curiosity shoppe owner from Gremlins:  Died due to a stroke on January 12, 1991

Helen Martin - Pearl on 227:  Died of a heart attack on March 25, 2000

Whitman Mayo - Grady on Sanford and Son:  Died of a heart attack on May 22, 2001

LaWanda Page - Aunt Esther on Sanford and Son:  Died from complications of diabetes on September 14, 2002

Luciano Piggozi - From various B movies, inducing  Pag from Yor, Hunter of the Future:  Still Alive

Eve Smith - Mrs. Checchini, the old lady that lusted after Mr. Belvedere:  Died of natural causes on August 28, 1997

Nedra Volz - The old housekeeper in Diff'rent Strokes:  Died of complications from Alzheimer's disease on January 20, 2003

 Well, that's the list.

'Got any old folks you've been thinking about?  Let me know, and I might make a Part Two list.

Yeah, I know.  You could just look it up, yourself, but then again, all the nice people that follow the site won't get to be enightened by your curiosities, no matter how tasteless or bizarre.


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